Plain Text editorΒΆ

Plain Text editing tools

The simplest of all of the editing fields, Plain text areas are marked with a pencil icon next to the text.

Edit plain text fields:

  • Click anywhere on this text or on the pencil icon itself, and make changes.
  • You can select all or part of the text and hit (Cmd or Ctrl)+b for bold and (Cmd or Ctrl)+i for italic, but that’s the extent of the formatting capabilities of these areas.
  • To publish your changes to the live site, Hit the green Publish button at the bottom right corner of the page.

Plain text fields are used when the designer has chosen to have strict control over the HTML of that element. Sometimes that’s for Search Engine Optimization and handicap accessibility (“This needs to be a Heading 1 element, so the user can’t change it.”) and sometimes it’s to ensure the integrity of the design (“This button needs to be blue” or “This blockquote will break if the text editor tries to format it differently”). The bottom line is that if you want more editing control over a particular element, talk to your designer and find out if they had a good reason for making the decisions they did.