Edit site navigationΒΆ

New pages are not explicitly tied to the navigation. This allows for sites to have multiple navigation trees and lets you keep the main navigation as simple or as complicated as you want regardless of how many pages exist on your site.

To add a page to the navigation

  • Copy the URL of the page you’d like to add after the .com (or .org, etc.) to your clipboard. For example, /about or /shop/school-supplies/pencils.
  • Hit the Gear button in the bottom right corner of the page.
Publishing tools
  • Select the “Site Admin” tab at the top right of the overlay. This will take you to the Glass Control Panel.


A shortcut to get to the Glass Control Panel is to type /_glass at the end of the domain of your site. For example, http://site.com/_glass

New page dialog
  • Choose “Site Navigation” from the sidebar. Most sites only have one Navigation tree. If there are multiples, they’ll be listed here. Click the blue “Navigation” link from the top of this area.
Main Navigation Dialog
  • You’ll see a list of the navigation items on your site.
  • Toggle the arrows next to the main navigation items to see the nested navigation items.
Navigation List
  • Click edit next to any of the items to change the text or URL.
Edit Navigation
  • To rearrange the navigation list, simply drag existing items around. Drag an element between items or on items to nest them within sections.
Navigation dragging
  • To add a new item, hit the “Add New Navigation Item” button at the top of the list.
  • The “Name” field is how the item will display in the navigation.
  • The “URL” field should start with a “/” if it’s an internal page. For example, “/about”. If the navigation item should direct to an external site, it should start with http or https. For example, “https://google.com”.


When building a navigation initially, the “Save and add another” button speeds up the process a good bit, but it also has a keyboard shortcut. If you hit Cmd+Enter on a mac or Ctrl+Enter on Windows or Linux, You can create a large list all at once without leaving your keyboard. Make the whole list, and then drag-to-order when you’re done.

New page dialog